The Mission

Reduce the misuse of ACROD Parking bays around Western Australia.

Join our community awareness campaign to reduce the misuse of ACROD Parking bays in the community. We are on a mission to show how doing the right thing helps make everyone’s day brighter.

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The Challenge

Whether it’s stopping to pick up kids, grabbing a quick coffee or “ducking into the shops for five minutes” – misuse by people parking without a permit happens.

We have spoken to people who misuse ACROD parking bays and their feedback tells us that there is a lack of understanding about the real need for ACROD Parking.

Our Campaign

Working in partnership with permit holders, local governments and businesses to develop the concept of the campaign; we established “This Bay Is Someone’s Day,” which highlights the impact that parking without a permit can have on someone’s day

The Stories:

Who uses ACROD Parking Bays?

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This is Robyn, a model, digital content creator and athlete.

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This is Nang. Working out isn’t just something he does for himself, he is an Adaptive Personal Trainer and supports other people with disability.

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This is Andrew. As a musician, much of his day is spent out on the road travelling to gigs.

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This is Aunty Milli. Painting, community work, family and making time for a yarn are extremely important to her.

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This is Julianne. As a poet and artist, being expressive comes naturally for her.

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This is Claire. A Town Councillor at the Town of Victoria Park, entrepreneur, writer and lecturer.

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This is Jenny. Keeping active at the gym is her ‘me time’. Her passion lies with adaptive fashion.

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This is Zane and his mum Keira, and brothers. You can find Zane riding his trike, crabbing or hanging out at the playground.

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This is Sam. ACROD bays help her be the Mum her “kids need and deserve”.

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This is Matti and his dad Russell. They love being out and about together in Subi, whether it be catching the train, walking the dog or popping in to the shops.

The Stats

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ACROD Parking Permit Holders in Western Australia.

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On-the-spot fine for illegally parking in an ACROD bay.

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Have partnered with the campaign to share the message.

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Working to share the message to more people.

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Showcasing how ACROD bays are someone’s day.

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Popping up across ACROD bays in WA to remind people to park right.

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