Individual Eligibility Criteria

An ACROD Parking Permit may be issued to an applicant:

  • who is unable to walk and always requires the use of a wheelchair, mobility or medical aid; or
  • whose ability to walk is significantly restricted by a permanent disability or medical condition; or
  • whose ability to walk is significantly restricted by a temporary disability or medical condition (for a minimum of six months); or
  • who is legally blind.

Please note that applications based on cognitive, intellectual or psychiatric impairment alone do not meet the eligibility criteria, unless other significant disabilities affecting mobility or vision are present.

Young man in wheelchair holding up his ACROD parking permit

A mobility or medical aid means: 

  • a wheelchair, wheeled walker, walking frame, crutches or other similar mobility aid; or
  • an ambulatory oxygen, ventilator, CPAP machine or other similar medical aid.

A significant walking restriction means:

  • you are unable to walk 60 meters before stopping; or 
  • you experience a significant health impact from walking 100 meters; or 
  • the way you walk impacts your balance, coordination and safety around vehicles.  

Legally blind means:

  • visual acuity (1.1.V.50) on the Snellen Scale after correction by suitable lenses of less than 6/60 in both eyes; or
  • constriction to within 10 degrees of fixation in the better eye irrespective of corrected visual acuity; or
  • a combination of visual defects resulting in the same degree of vision impairment as that occurring in the above points.

The ACROD Parking Program accepts the following documents as evidence of legal blindness:

  • Disability Support Pension – Blind card (front and back);
  • Aged Pension – Blind card (front and back);
  • Department of Veteran Affairs’ Blind Concession Card;
  • Guide Dogs WA Dog Handler Card;
  • Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dog ID Card;
  • ACROD Low vision certificate form completed and signed by a specialist or a medical practitioner. You can download the ACROD Low Vision certificate form in .PDF format here;
  • A report from a specialist or a medical practitioner (for example, an ophthalmologist, orthoptist, optometrist or GP) addressing the eligibility criteria and confirming legally blind status.

Organisation Eligibility Criteria

An ACROD Parking Permit may be issued to an organisation that regularly transports people who meet the eligibility criteria. An ACROD Parking Permit can only be used by staff and volunteers when transporting an eligible person who is exiting or entering the vehicle.

Please note: many people who require support may have, or be eligible to apply for, an individual ACROD Parking Permit. The ACROD Parking Program encourages organisations transporting people on an individual basis to use the individuals own permit.

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