Australian Disability Parking Permit holders travelling from interstate can use their permits in Western Australia.

International visitors

International visitors can use their Disability Parking Permit from their home country in Western Australia for up to 3 months, if this permit displays the International Symbol of Access (ISA), consisting of a blue square overlaid in white with a stylised image of a person in a wheelchair.

An international visitor can also apply for an ACROD Parking Permit. Please contact us to request the application form for international visitors.

Travelling interstate

You can use a current and valid ACROD Parking Program Card in other Australian states and territories. Be aware that parking concessions vary between states and territories – please contact the relevant authority for detailed information. Find more information on the Australian Disability Parking Scheme webpage.

Travelling overseas

Before you leave you should check the rules and regulations of the country or countries you will visit, as parking rules and regulations can vary from country to country.

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