Depending on the scenario of permit misuse, it may result in an infringement and/or revocation of a permit.

According to the Local Government (Parking for People with Disabilities) Regulations 2014, permit misuse is illegal:

6. Identification of authorized vehicle

(1) An authorised vehicle must be identified by displaying a disability parking permit in a prominent position and in a manner that enables the expiry date and permit number to be clearly visible from the front exterior of the vehicle.

(2) A person, other than the holder of a disability parking permit, must not identify or purport to identify a vehicle in accordance with subregulation (1).

Penalty for this subregulation: a fine of $5000.

An ACROD Parking Permit is not transferable and can only be used by the permit holder. It is illegal to reproduce, photocopy or tamper with an ACROD Parking Permit in any way. To report misuse of a permit, please contact the ACROD Parking Program team.

We cannot accept anonymous reports of permit misuse. If you call or email, you need to provide your personal contact details, and details of the alleged misuse of the permit (including the permit number and expiry date).

Note: it is important to understand that some permit holders meet the eligibility criteria but do not use a mobility device, or have what is sometimes described as “invisible disability”.

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